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12V Batteries

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For Electric Vehicles

Welcome to Ohmmu, every Tesla owner’s favorite place to get a new 12V lithium (LiFePO4) battery.


We are committed to supporting the Tesla community and its vehicles by offering and standing behind the best 12V batteries you can put in your car. High performance in all climates!


We are currently supporting all Tesla vehicles - we provide 12V batteries for the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y.


We have shipped our batteries to customers and climates all over the world!



How We Got Here

Since day one, we’ve been working tirelessly to provide TESLA and other EV owners a better 12V battery solution. We’re proud of how far we’ve come, yet remain committed to delivering even better.

We began as BattMobile Batteries and under that name have been selling TESLA 12V Lithium batteries since 2015. We have batteries in every region of the world now and have an incredible track-record for performance and safety, even in the harshest/extreme regions


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