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What is Better Performance for a 12v battery?

Choose Ohmmu instead of Lead!

For us Better Performance comes in a variety of forms:

Longer Lifespan (more cycles)

Battery Average Lifecycle

More Power available throughout Lifespan, Less Voltage sag

Voltage Curve Comparison Chart

Less weight (up to 60% less)

Ohmmu Model 3

Ohmmu LiFePO4 Weight

OEM Model 3

Lead Acid Weight

Higher Efficiency (less energy loss)

Higher Efficiency

Ohmmu Lithium

Less Toxicity

Lead Acid batteries are one of the most toxic products on the planet and the recycling/manufacturing of these batteries has become a serious global concern.  Many studies have been done highlighting this issue, just a small sample of such studies;

When you add up all the reasons it just doesn't make sense to use any other 12v but Ohmmu Lithium!  

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