ATTENTION: May 2019 Tesla Model S and later require additional Lug Adapters. Please select the "SAE" Lug Adapter option when ordering.

On earlier models, the SAE lug adapters can be removed and reused from the OEM battery, so may not be needed (please confirm prior to ordering).


Dimensions: 195mm x 132mm x 165mm

Weight: 9 lbs
What's Included: 12V MS LFP Battery, Warranty Card, (Optional - SAE Lug Adapters)

The Ohmmu 12V LiFePO4 battery is lighter, more efficient, higher usable capacity, and lasts 4x longer than the OEM battery from Tesla.

• 4 Years Full-Replacement Warranty

• Drop-in Replacement to OEM Battery (No firmware changes needed)

• Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (aka LiFePO4 or LFP)

• Proprietary 12V Lithium Cell and BMS Technology

• Battery Management System - Prevents Damage to Battery in Extreme Situations and Balances the Battery Cells for a Longer Service Life

• Easy to Carry Handle and Weighs Only 9 lbs

Why Go Ohmmu?


1. Increased Durability

2. Longer-Lasting Reliability

3. Decreased Weight (20 lbs lighter than OEM)

4. Higher Capacity

5. Better 12V Performance - Improved LED & Audio (higher nominal voltage, no voltage sag)

6. Less Environmental Waste (fewer batteries being used and less material in each battery)

7. Increased Efficiency (Ohmmu 12v charges and discharges at a higher efficiency than OEM)

12V Lithium Battery for TESLA Model S

SKU: T1230S