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Tesla Model 3 - 12V Battery Install
(All Versions: 2017March 2022)

Installation Notes:

1. Unlike AGM and other lead acid batteries, Ohmmu batteries do not off-gas toxic fumes, so they can be safely installed without using the 12V battery vent tube in the vehicle. 

2. April 2022 and later models are NOT compatible (i.e. any vehicles with revised 15.5V low voltage battery). If you're unsure if your vehicle is compatible with Ohmmu batteries, please reference this guide:  Tesla | All Models | Identifying Low Voltage Battery System (12V vs 15.5V)

3. Please note our NEW Model 3 12V battery (T12403-BH) has SAE terminals (JIS to SAE adapters are no longer needed), making the install even easier. 

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