Dimensions: 12.75 x 6.875 x 9 (L x W xH)

Weight: 31 lbs


Upgrade your battery to the Highest Capacity Group 31 Battery available. Ohmmu's newest generation battery, Gen 3, is now 10% lighter and holds 4% more energy - we're breaking all of the benchmarks with this one at 2kWh of capacity!


We are pleased and proud to offer the popular Group 31 size battery. Our Gen 3 Group 31 Deep Cycle Lithium 12V battery is a drop-in replacement to any lead acid battery system. Just recycle your old lead Group 31 batteries and replace them with our higher-performing, lighter, and safer Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, with no changes to your charging systems needed.*


The best just got even better!!! Ohmmu strives to build and sell the very best batteries on the planet. Our Group 31 Gen 3 batteries are perfect for any RV, camper van, boat trolling motor, or even solar energy storage system!


•   Advanced on-board Battery Management Systems keep your batteries ready to go and safe for use.

•  >156Ah capacity

•  200A maximum discharge rate (per battery, may exceed if multiple batteries are used in parallel)

•  100A maximum charge rate (recommend not to exceed 50A for continuous charging)

•  31 lbs total weight (2kWh of power at 31lbs!)

•  4 years full coverage standard warranty

•  Over 3,000 cycles lifespan

•  Tested for performance and safety down to -13 Farenheit

•  14.4 to 14.6 volt at 100% SOC (state of charge)


Series capable, may install up to 6 in series to create a 72+ Volt system-Parallel capable, may install up to 10 units in parallel to create 1,500Ah system. Drop that lead anchor and upgrade your RV, boat, or other energy storage system, with the ultra light and longest lasting 12V Lithium batteries available.


Compatible with all 12V systems! Beats all the competition - highest capacity and best performing Group 31 you can get! Battle Born, Antigravity, RELiON, GreenLIFE, Navitas, etc; none can match our performance, durability, and reliability.


*No changes to charging systems in most cases, you will need to ensure your charger isn't set to do "equalization charging" or it will over-charge the Lithium batteries and cause errors. SLI31AGMDPM, OPT8052-161, HEPPC2150T-M, T31-AGM, 31AGMCRAT, 31-PC2150S, GPL-31T, 65-PC1750T, GPL-3100T, GPL-31XT, NSB-AGM31,

Gen 3 Group 31 Deep Cycle Advanced Lithium 12V