Introducing the largest real capacity 12V Group 31 batteries ever!

Batteries come in Group sizes, this just defines the shape and size of it.

We have chosen to focus on a single “energy storage” battery size, this is our Group 31, which we chose because it fits MANY applications with endless possibilities.

Upgrade your Old Town 106 Kayak! (

Upgrade your Camping Van! (

Upgrade your Camping Trailer! (

Our Gen 2 Group 31 packs a massive 150Ah (~2kWh) per battery in a lightweight 34 lbs package.  It’s the most capacity out of a Group 31 battery, ever!

Whatever you have to power we are confident our Group 31 is the very best choice you can make!

Gen 2 Group 31 Deep Cycle Advanced Lithium 12V

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