This page is intended only for those who have purchased a Model 3 battery from us (and received/installed prior to October 1st 2020) who are now seeing a "replace 12V soon" alert message.

Due to a software update which changed the way Tesla Model 3 identifies "failing" 12v batteries Ohmmu has released a new revision of the Model 3 battery.  This new battery looks the same and fits the vehicle in the same way but internally it is very different.  The rev2 battery has been thoroughly tested for compatibility with the latest software updates from Tesla.

To provide the best to all of our existing customers we are offering the option to exchange your existing rev.1 Ohmmu Model 3 battery for a rev.2, if you ordered and received your Ohmmu Model 3 battery BEFORE October 1st, 2020, you have rev.1 and this offer is for you.  If you don't have the alert, you don't need to do this swap.

The process for swapping your battery for rev. 2 is simple, fill out our form then we will ship you a rev. 2 battery including a return shipping label in the box.  Upon receipt make the swap, please send us back the battery and the extra terminal lugs if you don't need them using our included return label with FedEx.  You can either drop the labeled box off at nearest FedEx office/dropoff or schedule a pickup with FedEx. (terms and conditions)

To receive your rev.2 battery please fill out the below form:

Model 3 rev.1 to rev.2 swap request

Thanks for your patience and support!