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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How quickly do you ship?

Orders placed by 3pm will ship out on same day (Monday-Friday).  Orders placed after 3pm and on weekends will ship out on next business day.

What shipping service do you use?

All orders ship via FedEx Ground, origination zip code: 85283

I just replaced the battery in my Tesla but the "Replace 12v Battery Soon" Alert is still present, what do I do to reset it?

This alert usually self-clears after replacing the 12V battery, in about 10% of cases, it does not (depending on certain conditions of the vehicle).  If your error did not self-clear upon install then you need to do a "deep reset" which involves resetting the DC/DC converter.  The procedure depends on the vehicle but the goal is to fully power-down the vehicle so the DC/DC converter resets itself and learns the new battery. 


Summary of Procedure: "Power Off" on MCU, Remove 12V battery, Remove First-Responder Loop (S or X), wait 2 minutes, Reconnect First Responder Loop (S or X), Reconnect 12V battery, Step on Brake.


For Model 3: Rather than using First-Responder Loop unplug the harness located under the passenger side rear seat (easy to access via small lever under seat), the plug will be covered by a foam protective cover and will be black or grey in color (NOT ORANGE).

First Gen Model S installation, Battery Negative lug doesn't seem to fit when battery installed? 

Remove Negative Terminal Adapter, then mount lug to adapter, then reinstall and rotate lug about 90 degrees from its original installed position.

Battery is reading 0.0V with MultiMeter, what is going on?

Our batteries have a built-in BMS (Battery Management System) which has the ability to "disconnect" internally in the event of a dangerous situation, this includes OVER voltage, OVER temperature and OVER current (shorting of terminals included). 


In these scenarios a RESET is needed. 


To reset place battery in a cool safe location without anything connected to it for 5 minutes.  Then apply 12.0V - 14.8V to terminals.  After a few minutes remove the voltage from terminals and check battery voltage again, it should be restored.