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Battery Terminals: SAE

Dimensions: 10.24" x 6.89" x8.7" (L x W x H)

Weight: 20 lbs




• G3G31 12V 156Ah LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery -- for existing customers only* 


Please enter your original order number* and the reseller you purchased your battery from (if not purchased directly from Ohmmu) in the sections above to place an order for a warranty replacement.


* Order numbers will be validated prior to sending out warranty replacement. If you do not include your original order number, we will attempt to cross-reference using your name/address, however this may delay or halt the processing of your warranty replacement order.


A return shipping label will be included with your warranty replacement for returning your current Ohmmu battery to us (unreturned batteries are subject to a $999 replacement fee).

WS - Gen 1 Group 24 - 80Ah Advanced Lithium 12V Deep Cycle Battery

    • Absorption: 14.4 to 14.6 volts
    • Float: 13.5-13.6 volts
    • Equalization: OFF


          Below are RECOMMENDED settings

          for longest battery lifespan


    • Temperatures above 32F: 38A (per battery in parallel) 
    • Temperatures 0F to 32F: 20A (per battery in parallel)
    • Temperatures below 0F: 10A (per battery in parallel)
    • MAX continuous charging current: 100A
    • MAX continuous discharging current: 100A
    • MAX discharing current (pulse): 200A
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