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Ohmmu's NEW HEPA air filters feature an improved filter design over the Tesla OEM filters.


Our HEPA air filters are designed with more pleats, providing a greater surface area to trap harmful contaminants, as well as an additional final stage Activated Carbon filter on the back for removing VOCs, gases, allergens, and odors.


Our filters also offer an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solution to Tesla's OEM filters, which require throwing away the entire plastic filter housing with each filter swap. Our filters reuse this assembly using a foam surround for a tight seal and less waste.



MERV-16 rated

HEPA 99.9+% filtration @ 0.3um

Upgrade or Replacement for all Tesla Model X


Replace your dirty BioWeapon Defense HEPA filter on all Tesla Model X, or upgrade your non-BioWeapon filtration to a HEPA grade filter (note: this doesn’t enable BioWeapon Defense Mode in your vehicle if you don't already have the feature firmware from Tesla, but will still filter outside air coming into the vehicle).


This is a filter only -- it does not replace the plastic filter housing.


HEPA Filter Install Video:


To upgrade where there is no filter installed in the housing, simply insert your new filter into place. The foam edges create an air-seal with the housing.


To replace an existing filter, you will need to remove the old filter from its plastic housing. The sides may be glued in, in which case you need to cut out and remove the old filter and glue prior to installing ours.


In most cases, there is only a small amount of glue holding the filter in place and it's a very simple and quick process, however there are instances where a lot of glue was used (usually on older filters) and the process will take 10-15 mins. Luckily, once this process is complete, all future filter swaps will be as simple as pulling out the old filter and inserting the new one -- at a cost savings and producing a lot less waste!


Pictures shown are to illustrate the plastic filter housing along with the removed OEM filter and our upgraded filter, the black side is the activated carbon side.


Tesla P/N: 1045566-00-G, 1045566-00-H

HEPA Filter for Tesla Model X (All Years Up to 2021)

  • Compatible with the Tesla Model X, All Years Up to 2021.

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