Ohmmu Racing Division developed these ultra light racing wheels to bring your Roadster the highest performance wheel you can get as well as increased tire options. These wheels are offset matched for direct replacement without spacers or any modifications. Front specs: ET25, 5x110mm bolt pattern, 16x6.5. 14.3lbs per wheel. OEM tires size 175/55R16 compatible but can go up to 195/50R16 or even 215/45R16 which opens up some great racing tire options (Toyo R888R) Rear specs: ET20, 5x110mm bolt pattern, 17x8.0. 16.3lbs per wheel. OEM size tires 225/45R17 compatible but can go up to 255/40R17 tires and transfer more of that wonderful torque to the road! All wheels Forged monoblock material, black glossy finish. Price is for one set of wheels for a Tesla Roadster 2008-2012. Shipping anywhere in the world available.


If you purchase from us with tires you will get Toyo R888R tires, all 4 mounted and balanced w/ TPMS installed.  


A set of wheels with the larger tires is demonstrated in the photos, you can see 10lbs of weight loss over the stock wheel for each rear.  Total weight reduced by 30lbs on the car AND more rubber to the road at the same time!